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Spark Circle

Explore the power of co-elevation !

Get ready for a unique, stimulating and fun experience with Sygelic in 2024 ! We invite you to embark on our brand new Mastermind, “Spark Circle”, the circle of sparks that boosts the realization of your projects.

Driven by the powerful principle of co-elevation, “Spark Circle” is specially designed to revolutionize your life journey and create the conditions for your lasting fulfillment.


You enter an accelerator of success, a circle of wisdom. You join a dream team in search of excellence, rich in diversity and driven by a deep sense of contribution. Imagine a space of authentic exchanges where each person’s inner genius stimulates collective intelligence and the quality of interactions creates exceptional transformations. 

Get ready to live a captivating odyssey !

They understood the value of the collective brain !

and experienced extraordinary results !

Although the term is relatively new, Mastermind groups have existed in various forms since ancient times. Above are groups that could be considered precursors to modern Masterminds, as well as contemporary groups that have made history.

This concept of a Mastermind group was popularized by author Napoleon Hill in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich” (1937). Convinced of its power, he went so far as to say that a Mastermind allows you to achieve in a year what you could not achieve in a lifetime !

Ready to reach heights you would never have imagined ?

Find out how Sygelic can get you there !

The irresistible features of Spark Circle

Collective synergy and reciprocal contribution

"Spark Circle" brings together talents from diverse environments who share the same intentions, values ​​and goals. Together we create a powerful synergy to drive your personal and professional growth.

Everyone has a unique journey. Imagine the wealth of perspectives, skills and ideas! By participating in this circle of collective intelligence, you are enriched from the experiences of others and learn lessons from their concerns and their success.


Sparkling sessions and challenging coaching


Each workshop is a flowering of ideas, sharing, emotions, intuitive feelings, surprises and new solutions. Expect productive sessions that sparkle with creative intelligence. You implement innovative ideas, solve real problems and bring your heartfelt projects to life.

Imagine an engaged and dynamic group, facilitated by experienced coaches, where each member is both learner and mentor, where workshops are energizing spaces of exchange conducive to mutual growth.

Exciting experiences, challenges and exclusive events

We don't just face challenges, we embrace them. To this end, the group is committed to providing you with unconditional and personalized support. You participate in captivating challenges that allow you to surpass your limits and open new personal and professional horizons.

At "Spark Circle", we celebrate your successes with enthusiasm and conviviality ! You also benefit from exclusive events, inspiring conferences and special sessions led by renowned experts.


Much more than a network, a real community of sharing and support


Build authentic connections with thought leaders, passionate entrepreneurs, and experts in their respective fields. The alliance you build is an invaluable source of inspiration and opportunities that could be the key to your future success.

You share resources, contacts, strategic information, responsible practices and explore ways to have a positive impact. You also benefit from privileged access to a collaborative communication platform for continuity of interaction and better emulation between group members.

What is co-elevation and why should you participate ?

Co-elevation is a powerful concept that emphasizes the idea that successful collaborations are based on the intention to grow together, building authentic and meaningful relationships. It is a partnership between individuals committed to supporting each other to achieve personal and professional success. By offering a combination of coaching, brainstorming, training, mutual support and peer accountability, Spark Circle nourishes this dynamic of co-elevation which accelerates individual and collective growth.


An exponential return on investment

Let's be clear, being invested in a Mastermind is an experience that requires energy, time, a commitment to actively participate, an intention to contribute significantly to the group, as well as a financial contribution.

However, by capitalizing on the synergy of the group, you will achieve results much faster and more effectively than by working alone. Your return on investment could be exponential when you consider the opportunities that present themselves within a group of people committed to success.

You develop creative solutions together, bring out new business models, explore different growth paths to better cope with the complexity of the world and anticipate economic changes. Conversely, imagine what the cost of inaction could be compared to that of participation?

Finally, being a "Spark Circle" member also means benefiting from preferential rates from our Alliance partners, in the event that you would like to benefit from personalized coaching support. 

How does it work ?


How ?

A program composed  of 8 4-hour workshops,  offered monthly, and spread over a year.

Exclusive events organized occasionally.

A private digital platform for inter-workshop exchanges in complete confidentiality..


When ?

We start on May 23, 2024. Before the very first session, you will be invited to a launch aperitif during which you will receive all the useful information and can ask the organizers your questions.


Where ?

In Geneva, face-to-face to make it more alive and impactful, in a magnificent, very friendly coworking space! And occasionally remotely if the need is expressed by the group..

How to participate ?

If you are tempted by this exceptional adventure, express your interest right now because places are limited ! A "Spark Circle" group is made up of a maximum of fifteen people, in order to maintain the quality and relevance of the group. This framework helps ensure that everyone can actively participate and promotes the creation of a strong community.


We look forward to welcoming you !

Get ready to discover the power and vibrant energy of co-elevation with "Spark Circle", the magic circle where ideas spark and success becomes a collective adventure.

We are the visionary trio who will lead your journey to excellence.

Our mission: to catalyze your growth and stimulate the creative energy of the group..

Your dream T.E.A.M.

(Together Each Achieves More)



The Alchemist of extraordinary transformations

I am passionate about the human person and the grandiose things they can accomplish. I am convinced that excellence does not happen by chance and that it is possible to model and adopt the strategies behind the most remarkable achievements..

I support the transformation of people and groups using a systemic approach, always tailor-made.

A provocateur of mindset change, I have the art of making collective intelligence sparkle through powerful co-creation processes, capable of inspiring action for exceptional results. 

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The Artist of authentic and fruitful connections

Inspired by the idea that “diversity is the basis and strength of natural existence”, I like to weave warm and constructive links between people, their talents, their ideas, and their projects.

Intuitive and enthusiastic coach, I put my spirit of exploration and my artistic soul at the service of the growth and cohesion of your “Spark Circle” group.

I invite you to reconnect with your senses and your emotions, to practice open and rich communication, to stimulate a playful spirit and creative thinking, to combine efficiency and fulfillment and to cultivate your perseverance !

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The Architect of Alliances that are inspired through the heart

An entrepreneur driven by self-improvement, I am committed to establishing human relationships based on lively and harmonious cooperation, respectful of oneself and others. I help the various players in professional ecosystems to define meaningful missions, ambitious objectives, clear strategies and efficient processes in order to propel them towards sustainable growth.

I know how to harness the power of digital platforms to give your projects greater scale and impact.

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High-quality facilitation for exceptional results

In order to create a powerful group dynamic, Sygelic decided to entrust the role of facilitator to an experienced coach, certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

With over 3,500 hours of experience providing support, Mario Bucciarelli has a high level of skill and mastery in the field of coaching. He is trained to bring out powerful and inspiring exchanges. His expertise in facilitation optimizes the efficiency of Mastermind group sessions, fostering an environment conducive to reflection, personal transformation, problem solving and co-creation.

And if you are wondering about the results that you are likely to obtain thanks to professional coaching support, know in particular that a survey carried out in 2009 by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), called "Global Coaching Client Study" (in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Association Resource Center Inc) demonstrates a return on investment of on average 7 times greater than the initial investment.


Price and special offer !

The price corresponding to a monthly workshop is 280 CHF

At the end of the first workshop, you decide on your commitment to the program for the following 7 workshops


In addition, Sygelic is pleased to offer you

A 10 % discount when you come with a guest

This will allow you to live the Mastermind experience at a softer price


Join the "Spark Circle"!

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What will be the wingspan of your success ?

Call us at +41 78 83 98 049

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